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Conference on information dissemination activities and international cooperation in the period 2021 – 2025

23/04/2021 Nghi Nguyen

On April 14, 2021, at the Department of Science and Technology, the Union of Science and Technology Associations of Thanh Hoa Province (TUSTA) held a conference to implement the operation...

Quynh Luu mangrove forest needs protection

16/01/2019 admin

As a coastal district, previously as well as in the future, Quynh Luu is one of the localities directly affected by the annual flood and storm and the impact of...

Training workshop on capacity building for sustainable forest management under FSC

13/01/2019 admin

In order to improve implementation capacity in forest management and organization in accordance with FSC’s Forest Management Board Standard to improve the Sustainable Forest Management (Forest Protection and Management) plan...

Repeal 44 administrative procedures for forest protection and development

13/01/2019 admin

Effective from 01/01/2019, Decree 156/2018 / ND-CP clearly stipulates policies on investment in forest protection and development, and annulled 44 administrative procedures, simple in time. solve some current administrative procedures....

Evaluation of the effectiveness and sustainability of the native chicken model with earthworms

28/12/2018 admin

In 2016, the project of Forest and Delta in Nghe An province implemented a model of raising native chicken with earthworms in Long Quang – Tien Phong village – Nghe...

Mangrove Eco-tourism in Hung Hoa Commune, Vinh City, Nghe An Province

28/12/2018 admin

It is not far from the center of Vinh city, there is a very romantic mangrove forest with a rich diversity of flora and fauna that are rare. With the...

Con Dao National Park and the journey through the forest

25/12/2018 admin

Con Dao National Park has an ideal location and environment for the development of forest and marine flora and fauna. Con Dao National Park covers an area of ​​nearly 6,000ha...

A story about replication of biomass maize livelihood model in Anh Son district

17/12/2018 admin

Ms. Dang Thi Thanh from Group 7, Ke May village, Cam Son commune, Anh Son district has a total production area of 3 sao (1 sao = 500 M2)  ​1500m2...

The forest land allocation combine with sustainable livelihoods Bon Bo model

09/12/2018 admin

Nghe An is a province with a large forest area with a total area of ​​forest and forestry land in the province of over 1,274.5 ha, of which forest is...

Implementation of REDD + with Program for changing small timber forest plantation to big timber forest plantation with long cycle in Thanh Hoa province

02/12/2018 admin

The North Central Coast Emissions Reduction plan (hereinafter collectively referred to as the plan) is the first scheme for GHG emission reduction in Vietnam, which will be implemented from 2019...

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