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A story about replication of biomass maize livelihood model in Anh Son district

Ms. Dang Thi Thanh from Group 7, Ke May village, Cam Son commune, Anh Son district has a total production area of 3 sao (1 sao = 500 M2)  ​1500m2 land area.

Previously, the household used 3 sao of land of the family to grow maize seeds for animal feed and to sell cash. Time for a corn crop is 4 months starting from January to early May until harvest. The remaining time, due to lack of water for irrigation so she to grow other crops such as peanuts, beans or grass.

Each corn crop harvested 750 kg of corn seeds, selling at the highest price of 5,500 VND / kg, totaling 4,125,000 VND. To produce 3 sao of corn seeds, she has to pay the investment cost is 2,010,000 VND. After deducting expenses, she collected a profit of 2.115.000 VND / crop 3 sao.

Beginning in 2012, before the need to buy corn biomass for animal feed, the campaign and response to the plans of the Commune People Committee and district, her family moved to look at biomass selling corn for company that feed cattle and dairy cows in Nghe An Province.

From the land area of ​​3 sao, she cultivates 3 crops of corn biomass each year. The cultivation time of a biomass corn crop is 3-3.5 months / crop. Every one corn crop, she invested 1,593,000 investment costs. The yield is 5.1 tons / sao, the price at the time of the previous crop is 750,000 VND. She collected 3,825,000 VND and the profit after fee was 2,232,000 VND( It is around 4,4 Million for 2 crops) . It is clear that the profit margin between corn biomass and maize is 40%, the production time is shortened 3 months compared to 6 months / crop, reducing more production, increasing efficiency land.


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