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The meeting between CORENACCA and Nghe An Department of Science & Technology

07/07/2022 admin

The meeting was conducted with the participation of CORENACCA and partners who are Representatives of Nghe An Department of Science & Technology and The Centre on Science, Technology and Humanities....

Tuyển dụng: Tư vấn khảo sát và thiết kế trồng rừng ngập mặn

08/02/2022 admin

Điều khoản tham chiếu cho tư vấn: Vị trí: Tư vấn khảo sát và thiết kế trồng rừng ngập mặn Thời gian: Tháng 2/2022 Địa bàn làm việc: Tỉnh Thanh...

Training on “Open Space” organized by Bread for the World

21/01/2022 Nghi Nguyen

Bread for the World organized a training on Open space from 19th to 20th Jan 2022. It is nice time for CORENACCA Staff to learn and share experiences with other...

The 4th Multi-Party Forum About monitoring forest governance and sustainable timber trade

25/08/2021 Nghi Nguyen

August 25, 2021 Center for Sustainable Rural Development – SRD, owner of the Project “Promoting forest governance and legal timber trade through the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement” in collaboration with...

Promote cooperation to effectively conserve white-cheeked gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) and endangered species in the Xuan Lien – Pu Hoat Conservations

25/07/2021 Nghi Nguyen

The two nature reserves of Pu Hoat, Nghe An and Xuan Lien, Thanh Hoa are located in the Indochinese green corridor with many rare mammal species, including the white-cheeked gibbon...

Western Nghe An Province Biosphere – Sao Va Waterfall

18/07/2021 Nghi Nguyen

Western Nghe An Biosphere Reserve was recognized by UNESCO in September 2007. This is the largest biosphere reserve in Southeast Asia with a total area of 1,303,285 hectares; This is...

Potential of mangrove ecotourism in Thanh Hoa and Ninh Binh provinces

13/07/2021 Nghi Nguyen

The coastal mangrove forests of Kim Son district (Ninh Binh province) and Nga Son, Hau Loc Districts (Thanh Hoa province) are not only a green belt to protect sea dykes...

He is from Ninh Binh and only Asians were honored with the Global Environmental Prize

11/07/2021 Nghi Nguyen

At 6:00 pm on June 15, 2021, US time (ie 6 am on June 16 Vietnam time), Mr. Nguyen Van Thai, 39 years old, Director of the Center for Wildlife...

Xuan Thuy National Park – The largest bird park in Vietnam

06/07/2021 Nghi Nguyen

Xuan Thuy National Park is also known as the largest bird park in Vietnam, 60km south of Nam Dinh city is the Ramsar site (Convention for the conservation of wetlands...

Build livelihood models for people in coastal communes

12/10/2020 admin

(Baothanhhoa.vn) - Through programs and projects to support the construction of production models and diversification of livelihoods for people in coastal communes of the province have been effective, arousing self-reliance,...

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