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INKOTA Representative visited and worked with Project Communes in Tuong Duong District, Nghe An Province

From 6th  to 9th September , 2023, Ms. Sarah Griess, on behalf of INKOTA Organization, came to work with CORENACCA Center, Representatives of Tuong Duong District People’s Committee and related Departments such as Environmental Resources and Agriculture and Rural Development. District forest ranger. Ms Sarah Griess directly visited communes in the Project “Supporting forestry land allocation to ethnic minorities in Tuong Duong district” phase 1 including Yen Na and Yen Thang Communes, Tuong Duong District, Nghe An Province.

Meeting with Tuong Duong District People Committee and relevant Departments

Through the working with Tuong Duong District People Committee and relevant Departments representatives, she heard the results of the Project phase 1 and discussed the implementation plan for phase 2, expanding the project to include Huu Khuong commune, Tuong Duong District. Huu Khuong Commune is a particularly difficult commune of the National Target Program for sustainable poverty reduction in 2021 – 2025 (according to Decision No. 90/QD=TTg dated January 18, 2022 of the Prime Minister). To get to Huu Khuong Commune from Thach Giam town (formerly known as Hoa Binh), it takes 4 hours by road and about more than 2 hours by boat combined with road.

The way to Huu Khuong Commune by boat

During the visit, she heard from local officials and people about the Phase 1 Project, which has achieved many very successful results. When people were allocated land and forests, they protected the forests better. Protection patrol activities, combining protection groups and related agencies such as forest rangers, protection forest management boards, and local forest rangers.

They regularly take care of the forest and develop an agroforestry model to increase household income such as growing grass to raise cows and goats. Especially when the forest is kept well developed and diverse in species, there is more spring water in the dry season because the forest retains the water source. People benefit from payments for forest environmental services and forest protection from hydroelectric companies and the government.

Visiting the forest areas of households

In particular, people have more benefits from medicinal plants under the forest canopy such as Bon bo plants ( Cây bon bo), Stemona Tuberosa (Cây bách bộ), Adisia Silvesrtis (Lá khôi tía), yellow flower tea ( Chè hoa vàng, etc.

Local people collected medicinal plant and banana for animals

With  the successful results and lessons learned of the Project Phase 1, it  will continue to replicate and implement more effectively for Phase 2 of the INKOTA Project in Tuong Duong District, Nghe An Province .


Forest land use rights certificate
Border land mark between Households


Visiting the forest areas of households


Forest land areas of Household

The forest area of houshold

Nguyen Viet Nghi


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