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Training to raise awareness and capacity on renewable energy for fishermen in Ngu Loc commune, Hau Loc district, Thanh Hoa province

Following a training course on renewable energy for representatives of mass organizations and leaders, officials of Ngu Loc Commune People’s Committee held on November 29, 2022, Center for Research and Management Consulting. Resources and Climate Change Adaptation continues to coordinate with V Ngu Loc Commune People’s Committee to organize training for 35 fishermen who are boat owners and captains of fishing boats. seafood exploitation in Ngu Loc commune, Hau Loc district, Thanh Hoa province. Attending the training course were representatives of the commune People’s Committee, the Women’s Union, the Farmers’ Union of Ngu Loc commune, the training time was held on December 24, 2022 and December 26, 2022.

During the training courses, the fishermen learned a number of contents: An overview of renewable energy in Vietnam, household-level solar power systems, deployed solar power models. in other localities, especially using solar energy for fishing boats. The organizers also invited representatives of 03 households in Hai Loc commune, Hau Loc district and 01 household in Da Loc commune, Hau Loc district who have used solar lights for clam farming huts on the sea. participated in the training to share about the use of solar lighting, the advantages and disadvantages of some lighting devices using solar energy, etc. In addition, representatives of the Women’s Union and the Union Farmers in Ngu Loc commune also shared and propagated “Action plan to implement green growth strategy in Thanh Hoa province to 2020, orientation to 2030” with the following contents: Green lifestyle, promotion encourage people to use energy-saving devices in daily life; promoting the use of high-efficiency electrical equipment and solar batteries to save electricity, etc.

Install a solar floodlight on a fishing boat

At the training sessions, fishermen also discussed advantages and disadvantages of using solar power for fishing boats and answered questions related to using solar power for daily life. and for fishing boats, through which fishermen consider using lights for boats very suitable and economical, however, some fishermen said that solar energy equipment on boats must be If the material is resistant to corrosion by sea salt and has a warranty, the fishermen will be interested and able to install it.

Through the training course, fishermen have better understanding the convenience and economic benefits of using solar energy to replace traditional energy sources today.


Hoang Van Tuan

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