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Training on “Open Space” organized by Bread for the World

Bread for the World organized a training on Open space from 19th to 20th Jan 2022. It is nice time for CORENACCA Staff to learn and share experiences with other local NGOs in the Projects activities.

In the Covid 19 problem, we should use open space like online zoom meeting to contact with every people in the world easier. For the Project activities, open space is able to apply for Project Staff online meeting and Communities. The participants are really open to discuss and share experiences in “open space” more convinient and effectivelly.

CORENACCA Staff has been learnt experiences from CISDOMA, ICRAF, SRD, CHIASE, DWC…about sustainable and climate change adaptation livelihoods models and key FarmersTeam to support livelihoods models themselves effectivelly

CORENACCA has also share experiences about Climate Change problem such as sea level raising and global warming that impact to the mangroves nursury garden making and planting, maintaining issues.

Open space is really useful for us to apply for the Project online meetings and workshops in the next time


Nguyen Viet Nghi

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