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Workshop on Climate Change reduction and Adaptation organized by Bread for the World

On February 2 and 3, 2022, Bread for the World organized a Webinar on Climate Change with the participation of Delegates from Countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Laos. , Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, and World Bread Organization Delegates Office in Germany.

Good practice models on climate change mitigation and adaptation were presented at the Workshop by delegates from Bangladesh, Thailand, India, and Nepal:

Climate-resilient agriculture in the uplands (UNM-Nepal)

Organic farming and natural resource conservation (YMCA- Thailand)

Climate-resilient agriculture, coastal ecosystems (CCDB- Bangladesh)

Water and Irrigation (India)

Building climate-resilient houses (Bangladesh)

Mitigating climate change risks in the fisheries sector (Bangladesh)

YMCA Green Fund (APAY – Hong Kong)

The workshop divided discussion groups to share experiences and successful lessons from community projects on climate change.

This is the first conference on climate change that BftW organizes for delegates from Asian countries, creating an opportunity to share and learn from experiences in related development projects on climate change

Nguyen Viet Nghi

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