Address: Nga Sơn, Thanh Hoá, Việt Nam Start Time: 15/10/2018 Author: admin

Implementing the Green Climate Fund Project through the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The GCF Project Management Unit in Thanh Hoa Province has directed the implementation of 340 poor families, single women, lonely elderly people and disabled people.

Remembering the summer’s days of June 2018, it was so hot. The UNDP consultant team with the staff of the PMU and local officials surveyed each poor household to disseminate policies to support the construction of housing for the poor by the indicators of Disaster preparedness and response to climate change, sea level rise.Structured building must have bracing steel core and must have floor to avoid flood, sea level rise and roofing roof to avoid wind storms roof speed.

Today, we went back to check the completed houses. It is impressive to visit Mrs. Mai Thi Hoa, she is living in Chien Thang village, Ba Dinh Commune, Nga Son District, Thanh Hoa Province, she lives with her young sister who is disabled and they are always happy with the new house supported by the GCF project.Both unmarried women live together, a sick person, a disabled person. They helped each other day in two small huts (each about 6 m2 wide). It will not believe that they are able to live in the two huts thought summer days so hot. I remember the first day to visit them to guide ways to build house as GCF’s policies. Look at them are very sad  for their life status, house problem.

With the supports of the GCF project with the amount of 1,700 USD (about 38 million VND), Thanh Hoa Provincial People Committee will support 12 million VND for low- water level households in accordance with Decision No 48/2014 of the Government and supports of cousins and neighbors so that they would happily live in new house today. They feel healthier. Ms. Hoa said: “We are very grateful for the help of all staff of GCF and local officials as well as their relatives, who have changed their lives”. They live happily in the beautiful new spacious house, their dreams for many years to come true.


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