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Local people and I are experiencing climate change in many ways, For instance, climate change has a serious effect on Vietnam’s mangroves. Working as the project manager for CARE´s mangrove project in Daloc commune, I can see the impacts every day. Let me explain some examples:

Sea level rising

The tidal level is higher than 20 years ago. According to the local residents of the Daloc commune, it has increased to a higher level of 70 to 80 centimetres at the beach. Moreover, because the tidal level has changed, it is difficult for planting mangroves. For example, in October this year we had planned to plant Mangroves four times per month. Each planting time would last around four to five days, during the time when the tidal level withdraws to its lowest. This planting schedule usually works according to traditional knowledge of the local people and the tidal time calendar. However, this process is not working any longer and we were not able to plant four times per month. Today, the tidal times have changed and the tidal level is higher

Daloc commune member planting mangroves. ©Hoang Gia Hai Hoang/CARE

Storm and flood

The storms and floods are increasing more and more, and they get stronger – even in the usually calmer winter season. This is different from what people experienced 10 to 15 years ago. Then, the storms and heavy rains occurred only on the autumn season. Since the storms and rains are not following a natural pattern as they have done for a long time, it is more difficult for CARE to run project activities. For example, every year in April we used to collect seeds from the old mangrove trees which we used for planting. But now, the storms are coming earlier and all seeds are being blown away.

The rainy season has also changed. It is lasting longer, and arriving later – and it brings less water than it used to., Instead, it is raining in a different season now. For example, winter usually brought light rain with it. But now it throws heavy storms and rain on us. This change impacts agriculture and aquaculture development like farming rice fields; raising and feeding sows, pigs, cows and ducks; and cultivating shrimps, oysters, etc.

Daloc commune members planting mangroves. ©Tamara Plush/CARE

Global warming

The general climate of Vietnam is warmer than ten years ago. For example the winter season of North Vietnam was usually cold. However, now its climate is as warm as South Vietnam’s in the winter season. The drought time is longer and more extreme than ten years ago as well. The summer often lacks water for people, agriculture and aquaculture.


I wish that leaders who attend the climate change conference in Denmark consider and support some issues as below:

  • Investing more in planting mangrove forest areas. It is not only good for the environment, but also for Disaster Risk Reduction and in mitigating climate change because mangroces store carbon.
  • Developed countries should have funds for environment protection and support for poor and developing countries to growing more forest areas and support livelihoods improvement.
Daloc commune member cleaning barnacles from mangroves. ©Tamara Plush/CARE



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