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Introducing the Center

Consultant and Research Centre on Natural Resource Management and Climate Change Adaptation (CORENACCA) is registered under the Thanh Hoa Province Science And Technology Association (TUSTA) in September 2014.  

Office address:

Location 1: No 260 Dong Phat Street, Dong Ve Ward, Thanh Hoa City, Vietnam

vision and mission

CORENACCA’s Principles:

  • Transparency and Accountablity
  • Participatory and Integration
  • Respect and Equality
  • Innovation and Effectiveness 

CORENACCA’s Strategic Change Goals:

  • Sustainable Development Livelihoods
  • Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Nature Environment Protection and Wildlife Conservation

CORENACCA’s Main Approaches:

  • Community-Based Approach
  • Participatory Approach
  • Learning-by-doing Approach

Organization structure

Our team

01 Experienced, capable, enthusiastic, engaged in work related to resource management, community development and climate change.
02 Experienced, capable, enthusiastic, engaged in work related to ethnic minority community and sustainable livelihoods development and climate change adaptation.
03 Experienced, capable, enthusiastic, engaged in work related to Community Based Mangroves Plantation and Management and livelihoods combine with mangroves development
04 Experienced, capable, enthusiastic, engaged in work related to biosdiversity conservation and management
05 Experienced, capable, enthusiastic, engaged in work related to communication and events

Human Resources

Teams are committed to the organization and their enthusiasm, always trying to organize more and more development.

Nguyen Viet Nghi


Nguyen Viet Nghi is Director of Corenacca. He is experienced with many activities have experienced such as: He has been working for...

Pham Quoc Tuan

Forestry Specialist

Pham Quoc Tuan is a forestry expert, who has a lot of life in the forest. He is a grower with over...

Hoang Thi Nguyet

Agricultural and Fishery Livelihoods Specialist

Ms. Hoang Thi Nguyet is experienced in projects on agricultural activities or in programs on forests and plains in Vietnam. Extensive knowledge...

Nguyen Viet Tran Nam

Vice Director

Mr. Tran Nam is a BA in Natural Resource and Environmental Management, Hue University. He has been involved in supporting endemic animal...

Ngo Van Thien

Planning and Livelihood Specialist

Mr. Ngo Van Thien is an agricultural engineer, graduated from Vietnam Agriculture Academy. He was the head of the forest protection station,...

Hoang Van Tuan

Livelihood and Agriculture Specialist

Mr Hoang Van Tuan is an Forestry and Livelihoolds specialist He has been woking for many Internaitonal organizations and Local NGOs such...

Nguyen Thanh Chung

Forestry specialist

Nguyen Thanh Chung has been working for 9 years in the forestry sector, involved in a variety of programs and projects related...

Tran Thi Ngoc Linh


She has experience and has participated in many environmental and community projects such as: The project of forests and plains of Vietnam...